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  • Facilitate commerce between the U.S. & India
  • Facilitate access to the Indo-American market
  • Be the voice of the Indo-American Business Community
  • Enable Greater Houston Professionals, Businesses, and Corporations to succeed

Since its inception in 1999, remarkable changes have occurred both in the U.S. and in India, in the realm of business and society. The last two decades have marked a monumental shift in the Indian market , opening its doors to foreign investment and access to its burgeoning market. It has also forced us to rethink economic policies and priorities in the wake of the recession and the realities of market transparency, ethics and the risks and rewards of international collaborations.

IACCGH exists and operates in the forefront of this very dynamic economic environment and it is our goal to help our members flourish in times of intense competition and change.

We want to facilitate your success by:

  • Creating industry-focused consortiums with our members and those from partner chambers and facilitate the creation of India-focused Industry Groups in Energy, IT, BPO and Healthcare.
  • Helping your business obtain Minority Certification with subsidized support through the Houston Minority Business Development Center and Houston Minority Business Council.
  • Assisting you to apply for SBA and other subsidized loans & benefits through outreach events
  • Working to enhance member representation in local, state and national advisory councils and boards
  • Providing access to the Indian Consulate, Ministry, and Indian regulatory agencies and facilitate resolution of issues where needed.


The programs offered by the IACCGH are carefully designed to fulfill the criteria of creating opportunities for knowledge exchange, collaboration and maximization of resources for our members- a diverse mix of large scale corporations, small businesses, professionals and individuals of Indian origin.

These events also provide a platform for increased visibility for our member audience, access to networking opportunities with other members, non-members, partners and alliances and discounted participation at our annual gala and golf programs.


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