Harish Katharani

Harish Katharani

President and CEO, Southside Group of Companies

Harish D. Katharani is a healthcare entrepreneur and founder, President and CEO of Southside Group of
Companies, a healthcare-focused organization.

From the humble beginning of just a one-man pharmacy, Mr. Katharani developed the Southside Group
into a multimillion dollar business with global diversification in various health and pharmaceutical
disciplines. Southside also has an office in Mumbai, India and provides back office support to many
healthcare providers in the United States. Prior to establishing Southside, Mr. Katharani was the President of Impex, Houston and established Katharani Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd., a bulk drug manufacturing plant.

Mr. Katharani is actively involved in many different charities related to education and healthcare. He has a special interest for charities that provide assistance to cancer and AIDs victims.

Mr. Katharani is a Registered Pharmacist and has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Texas Southern