Reviving the Fallen Intellect - Joseph Emmett on Ancient Vendanta's New Role in the Modern World

Article by: Manu Shah

IACCGH and the Asia Society Texas Center hosted Joseph Emmett, Director of Vedanta Institute Malibu on 9th August to understand the ancient Indian philosophy of Vedanta. Asia Society’s Director Stephanie Wong invited Consul General Dr. Anupam Ray to make the opening remarks.

Joseph, a disciple of Swami Parthasarthy, spent over 10 years in India studying Vedanta. In

his address, Joseph highlighted the fact that “humanity seems to be waking up” and the youth, in particular, are seeking meaning and purpose in their work. At the same time, there is rampant sectarianism, stress and militancy in society. Vedanta, he stressed, has a solution both for these hopes and concerns. He also stated that rather than creating a multitude of social programs, society needs to learn and absorb the ancient values provided by Vedanta to create social consciousness. When there is true social consciousness, there won’t be a need for social work.

This, he continued, is ancient Vedanta’s contribution to our world. Vedanta is universal, non-sectarian, non-religious, scientific knowledge of life and living. It applies equally to all, just as the laws of science do. Through its ability to develop the human intellect, Vedanta makes individuals more controlled, peaceful and spiritual. When individuals are raised thus, society is raised and that is the basis of Vedanta’s message: Raise yourself and you raise the world.

The Chamber thanks Revati Puranik for her support of the event.

Photography by Bijay Dixit