IACCGH and Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Congratulate Swapan Dhairyawan

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IACCGH Honors Swapan Dhairyawan at Reception Hosted in Collaboration with Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce


On a warm August evening, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston (IACCGH) in conjunction with the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce, hosted a reception in honor of Swapan Dhairyawan. Set against the backdrop of the Fort Bend Chamber’s elegant premises, this gathering celebrated Dhairyawan’s contributions and his appointment to the boards of both the Fort Bend Toll Road Authority and the Grand Parkway Toll Road Authority. The event was a testament to community solidarity and mutual appreciation, a hallmark of the two co-hosting institutions. Recognized figures such as Commissioner Andy Meyers and Jim Rice, Chair of the Fort Bend County Toll Road Authority and Fort Bend Grand Parkway Toll Road Authority, were in attendance, amplifying the significance of the occasion. The atmosphere was charged with admiration for Swapan Dhairyawan, particularly for his services. Jagdip Ahluwalia, the Executive Director of IACCGH, said, “As we honor Swapan, we are also celebrating the spirit of dedication, commitment, and the value of giving back. Swapan embodies all these ideals, making our community richer with his presence.” “One profound lesson I’ve imbibed from him is that community service isn’t about ‘having to do it’; it’s about the deep-rooted desire ‘to want to do it’. This distinction makes all the difference,” added Rajiv Bhavsar, President of IACCGH. Fort Bend County Commissioner Andy Meyers, pointed out, “I’ve known Swapan for many years, and he truly is a tremendous asset to our community. He has played an essential role in making Fort Bend County safe, family-friendly, and dynamic. I always knew the caliber of man he was, which is why I appointed him, and he has certainly lived up to those expectations.”

Swapan Dhairyawan’s heartfelt speech recounted his personal journey as an immigrant, detailing the challenges he faced and the subsequent successes he garnered. Visibly moved, he reflected, “Coming to this country as an immigrant and seeing where I stand today, it’s not just my journey. It’s the story of countless dreams nurtured by the supportive environment of this great nation. I’m humbled and proud in equal measure.” Dhairyawan added, “In life’s journey, I’ve learned the importance of networking, volunteering, and unwavering determination. Always remember, success is there when you persist through the hard times.”

The reception was an evocative reminder of the strength of community bonds and the continued significance of the IACCGH and the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce in fostering these relationships.