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IACCGH is an acronym for Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston. This organization was started about a year ago by the concerned Indian business people to foster a better relationship between various businesses and help to create a better understanding between USA and India through businesses and joint ventures.


  • To promote commercial and economic ties among the business communities in the Greater Houston Area and India so that India becomes one of the major business partner with the United States
  • To promote, encourage, assist and provide information and opportunities for new ventures and joint ventures in the United States and India
  • To create networking opportunities to all local businesses enabling successful businessmen to share their experiences and expertise with small businesses and startup businesses and to provide training programs and 'mentor' programs to small businesses to enable them to move to the next level of growth.
  • To establish and provide links and relationships with the City, State and Federal legislature bodies
  • To encourage and mentor our youth and encouraging a spirit of entrepreneurship through mentor programs, internships, and networking

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