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IACCGH President Dr Randhir Sinha and the Board and members of the Indo American Chamber of Commerce express deep shock at the great Tsunami Tragedy.

The India Culture Center is taking a lead in arranging the relief efforts and The Chamber encourages the IACCGH members to support the effort and to forward this information to your databases and friends so they can help support this community wide effort .

Donations can be made as below:
Checks made payable to: "ICC-Operations Tsunami Relief" and deposited in any Metro Bank or it can be mailed to:
Metro Bank
PO Box: 4760
Houston, TX 77210-4760
Ref: Account number: 1165802; Routing number: 113017346

For further Information, please call,
Jagat Kamdar (IAPAC) 281-463-3405; Harvinder Arora (IAF) 281-980-1700; Dr. Randhir Sinha (IACCGH), Jagdip Ahluwalia (IACCGH) 832-746-8372; Prakash Patel - 832-754-7596; Ramesh C. Patel, (281) 277 4176 or (832) 221-0517; Vale Subramaniyam: 281-855-6068; Sanjay Rambhadran: 281-497-0485; Vivek Menon: 832-524-7022; K.C. Mehta: 713-870-3229; Ramesh Shah: 281-300-7424; Kumar Ganeshan: 713-207-5431; Shobana Muratee: 713-789-6397; Ramesh Cherivirala: 713-875-4336


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