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Gov Rick Perry : June 20
th �BMC Software Distinguished lecture�

IACCGH members can register now with iaccgh01@aol.com for the  June 20th  Business Luncheon co-sponsored by IACCGH �BMC Software Distinguished Lecture Series� with Keynote speaker Governor Rick Perry

Admission to the Texas small business summit and luncheon is free to the first 80 IACCGH members who sign up for this event.

Admission is worth $50/head.

IACCGH individual members can request one free ticket and corporate members two free tickets on a first come basis by emailing iaccgh01@aol.com

Details on the summit are posted below.


Houston Texas Small Business Summit

Gov. Rick Perry will host the Houston Texas Small Business Summit in Houston at the Westin Galleria on June 20, 2006. The summit will be a full day of discussion and education on a variety of topics of common concern to small-businesses. How to get financing from various sources; how to develop your workforce; payroll tax and tax credits; how to get healthcare for you and your employees, and how to do business with the state are just some of the topics to be discussed.

In addition to these topics, the Houston Texas Small Business Summit will include the Houston Texas Procurement Fair. Talk one-on-one with state agency procurement officers, learn what they are looking for, and bid on state contracts. Many state agencies and higher education entities have already been confirmed. Don�t miss out on this great opportunity! More information on the Houston Texas Procurement Fair, including what contracts will be up for bid, will be posted on this site soon.

The cost is $50 fee per attendee, and the fee includes all summit materials, break service, and lunch. Governor Rick Perry will speak at lunch. The attire is business casual. Registration will start at 7:30am and the event will be completed by 4pm.

You must be registered by June 15 to be guaranteed lunch with Governor Perry. Event registration is non-refundable. Please bring a copy of your registration confirmation with you to the event.

Thank you to these generous sponsors for helping the Office of the Governor provide this great opportunity.


 Houston Texas Small Business Summit Seminars

Please note that seminar topics are subject to change.

Financing Business Growth and Expansion

One of the toughest issues facing small business is how to raise the capital necessary to meet the operating needs of the business. Obviously, new businesses need money to start up, but existing businesses also face times when they need an infusion of money in order to grow the business or meet other needs. But even well established small business regularly get turned down for loans.

At Gov. Rick Perry�s Houston Small Business Summit, we�ve gathered three key sources of small business financing: conventional lenders, the SBA, and non-profit community microlenders. Representatives of each group will conduct a short seminar on how to get a loan, including what you need to walk in with to walk out with financing to grow your business.

Houston Texas Procurement Fair

Gov. Rick Perry�s Houston Small Business Summit will include a state procurement fair. Talk one-on-one with state agency procurement officers, learn what they are looking for, and bid on state contracts. If you are already HUB certified, make sure to bring your HUB certification with you. Many state agencies and higher education entities have already agreed to bring contracts to the event. This is a great opportunity for Houston area small employers to get new contracts.

Health Savings Accounts

The high cost of health care is a constant concern for the small employer. Not only is this a simple quality of life issue, but it often ends up being an employee retention issue as well. Health Savings Accounts (HSA�s) are an option available to many small employers that have the potential to change the way many Texans meet their health care needs because they are designed to help individuals save for qualified medical and retiree health expenses on a tax-advantaged basis.

HSA�s aren�t for everyone, but they may be for you. Find out all about HSA�s, what they are, if they apply to you, and how to set one up by talking to qualified experts and providers at the Houston Small Business Summit.

Starting Your Business and Managing Growth

Your business plan is more than just your great idea. It�s the first step to opening doors to your future success. The necessity for a good business plan cannot be overemphasized. The Houston Small Business Development Center will be providing an excellent seminar to show the new entrepreneur how to develop a business plan and all of the intricacies involved with it.

We�ve paired this seminar with the Texas Secretary of State�s Business Filings Division. Choosing your business structure can be a confusing task. The SoS will be there to walk attendees through the process of required business filings, as well as when it�s time to take your business from a sole proprietorship to a corporation. The opportunity to speak face-to-face with the Business Filings Division is a rare opportunity for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Payroll and Business Taxes and Tax Credits

The Houston Small Business Summit comes at the end of a special legislative session. This will likely be your first chance to talk with state experts on how the recent changes will affect you and your business.

Tommy Simmons, legal council for the Texas Workforce Commissioner for Employers, provides an excellent seminar, with plenty of Q&A to help you clear up any of your payroll tax and tax credit issues.

Employee Law 101

Don�t get sued. The Texas Workforce Commission will provide a seminar on the basic legal issues for employers and how to avoid common employment practice pitfalls.



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