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      Randhir Sinha

Dr. Randhir Sinha, Past President of the Indo American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston and a well-known Neurosurgeon from Clear Lake, has been appointed a regional member of the City of Houston�s Mayor�s International Affairs and Development Council/ South Asia� (MIADC/South Asia) for a period of two years, starting January 2006.


The mission of the MIADC/South Asia is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and continued growth of Houston�s standing as a renowned International city and to establish concrete objectives that embrace matters of International affairs, Economic and Community development. The MIADC/South Asia will assist in the creation of strategies and in the implementation of projects that will enhance Houston�s presence on the global stage.


Dr. Randhir Sinha moved to Houston in 1975 and is  a practicing Neurosurgeon in Clear Lake. He received his medical degree from Prince of Wales Medical College, Patna, India, completed further training in England and Baltimore, MD and did his residency at the Medical University of South Carolina where he was a Teaching Fellow in Neurosurgery. Besides his clinical practice, he is Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Dr. Sinha is a founding member of the Clear Lake India Culture Center, a lifetime member of the Indian Doctors Club and the Indo American Political Action Committee. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Greater Houston Red Cross. Dr. Sinha is an accomplished tennis player and a keen golfer. Dr. Sinha and his wife Meena live in Nassau Bay, TX.



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