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Turned to me: "I ah, but a lonely Chinese New Year, that like you ah, affectionate, sweet honey.". A relative in my hometown got married, and my father and mother ran back early years ago. If I hadn't come back late, it would have been inconvenient to take the bus, and I would have thought of coming here Chinese New Year's Eve. "Didn't the foreign sister find a companion?" He looked at her with a smile and asked ambiguously. Of course, they could hear what I meant. Without waiting for Xu Yang to answer, Sister Chen had already said beside her: "You, Sister Xu Yang, are choosy and don't know where to go." The words have not finished, Xu Yang sister's hands have reached her armpit, stopped the unfinished words. Qi Chen elder sister is afraid of itch, the serious face that makes forcibly already cannot be installed go down, laughed as the action of foreign elder sister. You are really full men who don't know hungry men. I don't know how hard it is for me to hang out, but it's as easy to find a partner as you are. She let go of Sister Chen and stroked my hair with one hand. "Do you think such handsome boys are all over the street?"? How can I have such a good fortune as Chenchen to pick up a good companion easily? He sighed with regret,plastic pallet suppliers, and then looked at my temporary room on the balcony. "How nice it is to live together." The taste of speech, although under her influence, has been more accustomed to this way of speaking, but my face is still red. What? Are you watching our Xiao Cheng. This is easy, so I'll give it to you. It's okay to be a sister. This time it was Chen Jie's turn to launch an attack, and her hands rushed straight to her armpit. Xu Yang Jie clamped her arms and dodged. After Chen Jie said, she looked back at me,plastic pallet manufacturer, "Xiao Cheng, do you smell it? What's the smell in the air? It's strange." Sister Xu Yang refused to fight back. Of course, I understood that she said there was a smell of acetic acid, but she could not speak with tears and laughter. The light of a delicious roast duck on the table flashed in front of me. How could its thin little face look so much like mine. In front of my two sisters, I can only listen, laugh and cry. My embarrassment triggered greater happiness for both of them, and Yang Jie patted me sympathetically. He took one of my hands and said, "Come on, I won't bully you. Come and see the gift my sister bought for you." Her little hands were so warm that I let her hold them, while Sister Chen pushed my shoulders with both hands behind her, and the three of them went into the bedroom together. Sister Xu Yang took out a bag from the wardrobe and opened it gently. It was a black suit. Wow, it's beautiful. It's not for me, collapsible pallet box ,plastic bulk containers, is it? "Who else would it be for?" Sister Xu Yang took out the clothes in the bag. "Go and try it. How about your sister's eyes?" Take over with the hand, a touch of texture is very good, certainly not the street goods. Run to the balcony, my bedroom, and change into this suit. I haven't worn such formal clothes in my life. Button it up, it fits well, and I feel much more energetic. How about it? It's not bad. 1 walked into the living room with a model's posture. So handsome! Sister Xu Yang praised me loudly and pulled me over to tidy up my collar and sleeves. Sister Chen pulled her skirt from behind and patted me on the shoulder. The two sisters pulled me to the front of the mirror. It was really a person with clothes, a horse with a saddle, a height of more than 1.8 meters, wearing a black suit, with a handsome face and a well-proportioned figure. It really had the meaning of a jade tree facing the wind. In front of the mirror, they all doubted whether the person inside was me or not. Both of them praised it greatly: "It's really good. Our Xiao Cheng is really a talented person." "Sister Yang, this must be expensive." I asked cautiously. Needless to say, it cost my sister thousands of yuan, but it's worth it. Sister Xu Yang was very appreciative of her masterpiece and said proudly. You have so much money? Not at the taxpayers' expense. I expressed my doubts, because I also understand that the subsidies given by the state to graduate students are very limited. Don't worry, Chengcheng, this is all my sister's labor income, not the product of exploitation. Sister Chen laughed and said, "It's so expensive. I'm afraid Yangyang will go bankrupt." "Sister Yang, how can you have so much money when you are a graduate student?" I don't believe it.
Am I the only one who has a share of your gift? You don't eat nothing but instant noodles for months, do you? "You can rest assured that I won't forget Chenchen, and she has a share." Xu Yang turned to Qi Chen teasing, deliberately misinterpreting my meaning, "you this little brother really did not white pain, what things can not forget you.". It's a pity that I can't buy good with money. It would be nice if someone helped me like this. Pulling the light green turtleneck cashmere sweater worn by Chen Jie, "See, this is also purchased by me, which cost more than one thousand yuan." He pretended to be distressed, but he could not hide his pride on his face. Don't worry, Yangyang, you are so painful to Xiaocheng, he will not forget you. There's no need to be so jealous and sour. Sister Chen didn't miss any chance to hit her. Good foreign sister, such an expensive dress, I dare not say thank you. It's too expensive for you. How can I thank you? "Look, you can rest assured that the money will not be wasted.". When Xiao Cheng makes money later, he will double the compensation for you. And he said to me, "Right, Xiao Cheng?". Your foreign sister had a hard time buying this suit. She called back specially to confirm your height to me. Xu Yang stretched out his hands and made a helpless look. "I hope so.". But who are you to do everything? "Sister Yang,plastic pallet suppliers, I'm worried to death. Tell me quickly how you earned so much money." As a high school student, I really don't understand where her money comes from. She was anxious to urge her to answer, otherwise they would not know when they would quarrel. You really want to know? Sister Yang wants to keep me in suspense. binpallet.com