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Otherwise, what other researcher would take such a big risk to help him if he had already learned a lesson? Escaping from the lab, Elvis boarded the stowaway boat with them. At this point, Si Chen took a faint look at Luo Cheng and said, "He knows your plan." The plan to take Si Chen to the North Pole and kill him at sea. Luo Cheng touched his nose and was speechless. On the day they went to sea, it was originally said that three people were fishing together. Elvis did not come on the pretext that he was not feeling well. In fact, he sneaked behind. Everything after that is already known. Helsing, who got the news, shot Luo Cheng into the sea. In order to save him, Si Chen jumped into the sea and was eventually dragged to the bottom of the sea by sharks. Luo Cheng, who was seriously injured, was rescued by Elvis and kept alive by some means. He did not wake up until 70 years later, but lost all his memories. After removing a layer of fog, it reveals a deeper darkness below. Where did Helsing get the news and arrive in time to stop Luo Cheng? Just Elvis. Al had always disliked Si Chen, and the reason why he was so desperate to save his life could only be explained by one thing: it was profitable. Si Chen must have something he needs. The more Luo Cheng thought about it, the more frightened he became. "What did the experiments in those two years produce?" He asked. Si Chen shook his head blankly. "I don't know." Elvis is dead,CNC machining parts, and unless they can dig up the secret files of the Rogris Institute, they will never know what happened. Before he died, he said: "We are not wrong, you are not wrong, believe in yourself." Is the reason for putting the Institute in the hands of Luo Cheng is to let him find out the answer himself? The day outside the window has been bright, Luo Cheng completely no sleepiness,Investment casting parts, he has a premonition that the answer is likely to be the root of the world's extinction. After all, now this Si Chen, whether it is fish or human form, there is no big boss temperament to destroy the world. He must hold the Roglis Institute and all the core information in his hands immediately and immediately. At this point, Luocheng remembered Levis's ground-breaking "fiance". Damn it, he's waiting for him here! If this matter is hidden from Si Chen, it will only cause misunderstanding, so Luo Cheng simply and neatly told the whole story. When Si Chen heard this, he narrowed his eyes and said in a dangerous tone, "That annoying boy wants to marry you?" "Whether he wants it or not, I absolutely don't want it." Luo Cheng immediately expressed his firm position, Stainless steel foundry ,Steel investment casting, paused and explained helplessly, "but now the Roglis family do not agree with me to inherit the Institute, with their energy, it is easy to deal with a mere me." Si Chen said angrily, "How dare they!"! Elvis has to call you "brother"! "But who can believe that I am Edward Rogliss?" ?” Luo Cheng pulled out a cigarette and lit it. "A man's appearance has not changed after seventy years, and he can still wake up after being killed or wounded." His voice suddenly stopped, and a strange guess came to his mind. Si Chen looked up at him doubtfully. "What's the matter?" "You said that Levis and Elvis looked almost identical." The cold hair on Luo Cheng's back stood up. "How much do they look like?" When Luo Cheng walked into the private swimming pool of Rogris Manor, Levis had just finished his morning swimming and came out of the pool. The flesh of young people is white and tough, and in the sunshine from the huge French window, it is full of fresh and vivid vitality. His thick brown hair was dripping with water, which made his deep and delicate face more attractive, and his sea-blue eyes were moist and Pure Brightness, and his spirits were bright. In 1946, Lin was 29 and Elvis was 27. Now, he is still 29 years old and Levis is 27 years old. Levis took the big towel from the servant's hand and put it around his waist. He smiled at him. "Get up so early?"? Where is your little mermaid? Luo Cheng folded his arms and smiled back. "You don't have to call him a mess of words. I'm still a little unaccustomed to it.".
” Levis winked innocently. "You don't like me to call it that. Naturally, I won't make you uncomfortable." He took a sip of fresh vegetable juice from the small tea table. He raised his glass to Luo Cheng. "Would you like a sip, dear?" Luo Cheng shook his head and refused: "I don't like celery, you know." Levis shrugged his shoulders, sipped his vegetable juice and lay down on the beach chair. "So, what's the matter with me so early?" "You didn't seem surprised to see him last night," Luo Cheng raised his eyebrows. "Al told you a lot." "Of course, Edward. I grew up watching you and listening to your stories." Levis smiled and gave him a wink. "Honey, I was five when I first saw you. It was love at first sight." Luo Cheng's expression did not change, but secretly rubbed the goose bumps on his arms. Elvis was also five years old when he first met Lin, who had been adopted. Now he began to wonder if all the memories of Elvis in his memory were false. Is the cheap brother he knows so coquettish? If he's right, Elvis is Elvis. I hadn't thought about it before, because Levis wasn't exactly like Elvis in his memory. Admittedly, they have a very similar face, but Elvis is tall and fit, while Levis is much thinner, less than 1.8 meters tall, not to mention their different personalities. But Luo Cheng has fallen into a misunderstanding of thinking, he did not think that since his memory has been artificially tampered with, then the memory of the person's appearance, is also likely to be artificially instilled into his subconscious image. Sure enough, according to Si Chen's description, the real Elvis Rogris,Magnetic Drain Plug, whether in appearance or figure, is no different from Levis. Elvis has a way to keep Luocheng young for 70 years, and there's no reason he can't. Who would want to become an old man who is going to die if he can stay in his prime of life forever and have a healthy body and attractive appearance. autoparts-dx.com