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Seven-day escape game

The bottom of the bed was dark and when the candlelight shone we could see that it was stuffed with white clothes and at the same time we could see that the clothes were stained with blood Tang Zhi straightened up with a face of discomfort Bo Ye came over and pushed him aside "Young master" he said with a light smile "I'll do the dirty work You're responsible for the beauty" On one side Enjin dragged the cardboard box out from under the bed and raised a burst of ashes Bo Ye picked up a small stick beside him and pulled out a piece of clothing from the bottom of the bed He poked the dress with a stick and unfolded it only to find that it was a loose nightdress stained with blood Looks more like a hospital gown in an operating room Gu Meng stood behind Bo Ye hesitated for a moment and said "I may know who it is" "Who do you mean" Tang Zhi asked him The woman Gu Meng said "The woman under the bed is also wearing such clothes" Bo Ye threw the stick got up and patted the ashes on his trousers "So we stabbed the female ghost's nest" He asked At this time Gu Meng felt something flashed behind him just like the feeling he experienced in the corridor the first night He looked back subconsciously It was dark behind him and there was nothing unusual In other words in the dark even if there is nothing to see He raised his hand uncomfortably rubbed the back of his neck and Home Appliances spontaneously moved to Enjin On the other side Enjin and Angela had already opened the cardboard box and first dug out a photo album from it When they opened the album the first one was a double photo but by accident someone's face was cut out Look at the clothes and the dress It's a woman Enjin was about to turn it over again when she whispered in her ear "Hey" Enjin was all right but Angela was startled The little girl stroked her chest and rolled her eyes angrily when she saw that it was Gu Meng Of course she rolled her eyes quietly and didn't let her brother see it Enjin looked at Gu Meng and asked "What's the matter" Gu Meng looked at Angela hesitantly as if it was not convenient to speak Enjin saw it clearly She closed the album and said "If you have something to say just say it He's not human either" “……” Gu Meng Bo Ye and Tang Zhi digested silently for a moment Some things have to be accepted even if they are not accepted But don't let Peter Pan know about it Angela shook off her ponytail proudly and whispered "He doesn't deserve it" "All right sister" said Bo Ye Enjin urged Gu Meng with her eyes indicating that he had something to say quickly Gu Meng thought for a moment then steeled himself and said "Since we are so familiar" Can you tell me something about the game Enjin and Angela looked at each other Hearing what Gu Meng said Tang Zhi's eyes lit up in the dark Since Enjin can take him away from the seventh day it shows that men must have some authority in the game more or less should know the method of quick clearance at least can remind them to avoid all dangers But then Angela sneered and looked arrogantly at Gu Meng saying "Are you so sure that Enjin knows something" Gu Meng is actually not sure Seeing him scratching his eyebrows he said awkwardly "Enjin is not a master of rhythm China Suppliers She is a master It's impossible that she doesn't know anything" Angela … What Enjin "" The author has something to say Angela … What rhythm Gu Meng "Master of Rhythm" Angela "What master" Gu Meng Master of rhythm Bo Ye "Did the rhythm master give you the advertising fee" Chapter 118 Earth Obsidian Day "Forget that title" Eun-jin is serious Just ask you Gu Meng simply said "can you make it convenient" Enjin lowered her eyes and thought for half a moment In the flickering candlelight the man's expression looked a little profound and unfathomable Say it quickly Gu Meng elbowed him and whispered "Is that all right" Enjin looked up at him and said softly in a male voice "But you have to bribe me" Gu Meng said What about the face "Bribe him quickly!"! If he wants you to bribe you bribe! Hearing that Enjin had signs of letting go Bo Ye hurriedly said to Gu Meng "Now right away right away we'll make the bed for you" “……” Gu Meng stared at Bo Ye for a few seconds turned to look at Enjin and said sincerely "I will Computer Hardware & Software bribe you now please perform a big change of life and change Bo Ye"
” Bo Ye How much hatred and how much resentment The result of course is that there is no game strategy Enjin squatted on the ground and turned over the cardboard box Gu Meng squatted beside him still pestering him and asking "Is it true or false" "I don't know" Enjin stopped her work and looked at him helplessly saying "Even if you know the game has implanted an anti-cheating mechanism once you enter it will clear all the information related to the plot line in your memory" The cheating anti-cheating mechanism was the last thing he added Enjin do you have some permissions in the game Tang Zhi asked "otherwise there is no way to bring me here" Enjin gave a vague "hmm" and continued to turn over the carton without a clear answer Angela held the clown doll in her arms thinking that it was more than "some authority" it was the highest authority But things can not be revealed too much let these people know that his and his brother's inhuman identity has gone beyond the scope of pre-control Does your jurisdiction cover NPCs Tang Zhi asked with interest "for example" Can you order NPCs not to hurt players or anything like that Angela didn't even think about it and rushed to answer "No!" Enjin was silent for two seconds patted the ashes on her hands and said "Yes" Angela glared at him angrily It's really killing me! Bo Ye said thoughtfully "It seems that Enjin's authority is much higher than we imagined" No wonder he always said he was a VIP Angela coughed to attract the attention of others and said "Don't think about letting Enjin intervene in the game His body is almost a rotten persimmon now Every time he uses the authority the energy in his body will erode him If he violates the rules again hum" Small Luo Li sneers way "You are looking do not wait to leave a copy he can explode oneself" 。 trade-global.com