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Thinking of this, Lin Fei immediately opened Skywalker's combat statistics. Skywalker, Empire: Empire of Beasts. Airframe piloted: Skyhawk, Number of victories: 19212. Fails: 4,021 Superior Room Winning Streak: 43 games, "Very ordinary data, ah, no matter, since you dare to challenge, I dare to take, dark non-flower cult needs warriors like you, the more the better." Lin Fei thought of this and immediately accepted it. He also sent a request to Skywalker, the warrior of the Empire of Beasts, to set the battle time, requesting a match after a cosmic time. Ten seconds later, Lin Fei saw Skywalker send back a message of consent. Seeing this, Lin Fei immediately quit the game and logged into the Mecha Empire game forum. He wanted to see the highest odds of the gambling game. After visiting the forum of Mecha Empire, Lin Fei finally knew why the Beast Empire sent back this challenge. Recently, Lin Fei has been training Wu Xiaoman and Odinte,artificial coconut palm trees, instead of going to the Mecha Empire to challenge the Beast Empire. In the most prominent position above the forum, there is a video of Lin Fei picking 6000 mecha fighters on Pluto three months ago. At the bottom of the video, the players of the Hundred Beasts Empire responded that they guessed that three months ago, the world's second driving skill suddenly rose at the end. Because at that time, the second in the world injected himself with the advanced stimulant developed by the Tianlong Federation, and this stimulant had great side effects. Then, the players of the Empire of Beasts began to use their imaginations. They believed that the second in the world had been drugged to death, or had become a half-disabled person. They could never drive the mecha. Even if they could drive the mecha,outdoor ficus tree, their driving level was not as good as before. Because of this, Tianlong Federation did not commend and celebrate after such a brilliant victory in the second place in the world. Just imagine, the second place in the world is dead, how can they celebrate. Dragon Federation players, on the other hand, believe that this conjecture is groundless, and that if there were a potion that could improve driving ability several times, the military would have used it long ago. The reason why he didn't show up for the second or third month was that he went on a secret mission. The second in the world disappeared for three months and did not appear in the competition room between the two countries to challenge. People are wondering where the second in the world has gone, whether it is really as the players of the Hundred Beasts Empire said, dead, or on a secret mission. With this doubt, Skywalker, the senior fighter pilot of the Empire of Beasts, silk olive tree ,silk cherry blossom tree, finally challenged the second in the world. Lin Fei thought that he was carrying out a secret mission during this period, but the initiator of this mission was not the Tianlong Federation military, but the God of War system in his head, which released the task of slaughtering ten thousand people. Lin Fei received a challenge from Skywalker, Lin Fei took up the challenge, and the players of the two countries finally knew that the second in the world was not dead. At the beginning of the gambling game between Tianxia No.2 and Skywalker, players from both countries began to look forward to a battle after the universe. Lin Fei looked at the betting odds. Lin Fei is looking for it in a pile of odds. The best odds are that the second sword in the world will kill the fighter plane piloted by Skywalker. The odds are one to five hundred, and there are thirty million federal yuan behind it. Can he cut down a fighter plane with a sword? The Green Dragon is a land battle mecha. This is simply an impossible task. Lin Fei saw the highest odds after some speechless, of course, more speechless is that there are 30 million imperial coins in support of the odds. In Lin Fei's opinion, those who invested the money must be the second most die-hard fans in the world, and they are so crazy about the second driving ability in the world. Lin Fei knew that he was going to disappoint these fans. Lin Fei is very low-key, finally chose, the world's second pilot Qinglong airframe shot to kill Skywalker's Skyhawk fighter, although the odds are only about 1.5. After choosing the method of victory, Lin Fei quit the Mecha Empire Forum. Began to contact the cult saint dark non-flower. Dark non-flower, under the instruction of God, the holy religion will grow again, the second hour in the world in the "Mecha Empire" against Skywalker, ready money, all put in the second shot in the world to kill Skywalker, what? You want to kill Skywalker with the second sword in the world.
My aunt, do you have some common sense? Qinglong is a marine fighter without wings, while Skyhawk is a fighter flying at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Do you think I can use a sword as a javelin, throw it at an altitude of 10,000 meters, and pierce that fighter? What? You think I can? I'm not a God yet. It's too difficult. I can't do it. If you want to make money, you can choose the second shot in the world to kill Skywalker. Lin Fei finished very speechless and hung up the phone. One cosmic hour later, Lin Fei entered Mecha Empire. The second in the world once again drove the Qinglong to appear in the arena of the superior room. As soon as the second in the world appeared, the audience of the Tianlong Federation burst into cheers. The God of war, the God of war, the second in the world, the God of war.. When the competition was about to begin, Lin Fei looked at his battle data: Account name: The second in the world (I am the second, can there be the first in the world?) Number of battles: 76 Win rate: 100% Empire: Tianlong Federation Mecha model: Qinglong, Title: Famous all over the world (has won ten games in a row in the intermediate room) Superior Room Winning Streak: 8 To the cheers of the Dragon Federation players, the battle map was generated. The map shows a bustling city. A city of tall buildings. Seeing this battle map, Skywalker, the Skyhawk fighter pilot of the Hundred Beasts Empire, looked a little ugly. This map is full of tall buildings. If the Qinglong on the opposite side uses tall buildings as cover and keeps dodging, the difficulty of the Skyhawk hitting him will be doubled. Lin Fei has no problem with the random battle map. He knows that no matter what battle map is generated, he will kill the other side with one shot. Make a small advertisement: I have written three mecha novels before, Rebirth in Mecha Empire,faux ficus tree, Mecha Sniper, and Mecha Rhapsody of Rebirth. If you haven't read them, you can read them. Maybe you will like them. Try to update another chapter before 11 o'clock tonight. I'm working on it. Chapter 182 Odinte's farewell. Chapter 182 Odinte's farewell. There are five minutes to prepare for the confrontation of fighter planes in Mecha Empire. The latest chapter of the temple. hacartificialtree.com