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A cold current from the Arctic Ocean has brought the first snowfall to Kazan. Walking out of the headquarters bunker filled with dirty air, Vatsetis stood beside the trees in the courtyard, lit a cigarette, and then stared blankly at the cold wind blowing snow through the dead branches and trees. Despite being forty-five years old. But Vatsetis's well-preserved face was covered with a messy beard. There was a hint of anxiety in his eyes. The battle for the damned city has been going on for almost two months. Kazan is like a meat grinder that almost squeezes out all the blood of Russia. The 50-day battle for the city is not about the tactics of soldiers or the command art of officers. It is a contest between the will of both sides and the replenishment of troops. The collapse of the will of either side and the problem of the replenishment of troops may result in a disastrous defeat. Neither Moscow nor Irkutsk can accept the defeat of Kazan, no matter who is defeated here. The end result will be destruction. …… We must turn the Soviet Republic into a military camp. And all our money, all our power. The property owned by the state, the property of the citizens and the property of the citizens should be directly used for the defense of the Soviet Republic. In Kazan, there are already highly disciplined and determined troops, with Moscow and Petrograd workers as the backbone, who fought bravely with the heroic people of Kazan. Their heroic fighting has brought about a major change in the war situation in Kazan. Our glorious Red Flag troops are growing,facial recognition thermometer, and we are growing both spiritually and numerically. So. Victory lies ahead. Inspired by the heroic city of Kazan and countless Red Army soldiers who fought bravely. We are on the other fronts throughout the country. The glorious Red Army has also won numerous victories, and the opportunity to win this war has come! Whenever I see the newspaper and hear the propaganda of the war in Kazan on the radio. Vatsedis felt a little helpless! Under the propaganda of the political commissars, Kazan became a heroic city and a symbol, and the propaganda made the soldiers regain their courage to fight. The emergence of countless heroes in the battle has inspired the whole of Russia, but while propaganda has played an unimaginable role,thermal imaging camera, it has also brought negative effects. When Kazan becomes a symbol of Russia's will, it can no longer be abandoned. No matter how costly it is, it needs to be defended. As the commander of the Eastern Front Army, Vatsetis understood that Kazan had lost the meaning of holding on. Especially when it turns into a meat grinder. The newly formed Red Army was not sent to the south. Instead, it was constantly replenished to Kazan by yuanyuan, even though the Red Army finally won the battle. Having defeated the white bandit army here, I'm afraid they won't be able to continue their eastward March. Over the Ural Mountains. China's elite army, face recognition identification kiosk ,digital signage kiosk, which has been recuperate for a long time, is waiting for that arrival of the red army. By then the Ural may be the graveyard of the exhausted Red Army. After winning Kazan. The Soviets may even lose the whole of Russia! But now the most painful thing for Vatsetis is that no one realizes this, and the military experts who realize this can not exert any influence on the decision-making of the All-Russian Committee. Whether it's Myanov or Trotsky, they only see one thing, Kazan must not be lost! Hold Kazan at all costs! "Report!"! Comrade Commander, the new reinforcements have crossed the Volga River and arrived at the designated place! The defenders on the left bank have been strengthened, and the commander of Varyasevga on the left bank has called for a counter-offensive against the left bank area this evening. At this time, a commander came out of the underground command bunker. Came to Vacetis, who was standing in the courtyard, and reported. Agree to their request and attack at eight o'clock on time tonight! The reserve troops were ordered to reinforce immediately after the successful counterattack on the left bank. You must stick to it for three days! Order the West Coast Fortress Battery. Cover the shelling at the same time! After more than a year in the Red Army, Vatsetis agreed to the request from the Left Bank with an expressionless face. Vatsedis knows one thing, even if he has thousands of reasons to oppose Kazan's perseverance. They must also choose to obey the orders from the All-Russian Committee. At this time, if they propose to abandon Kazan. I'm afraid those who are waiting for me will be the same as other military experts who are willing to abandon their defense.
Arrested by the Cheka and the whole family shot! Even children as young as 12 will be executed by shooting, and the All-Russian Committee has amended the criminal law in accordance with the current war period. Lowering the minimum age for the death penalty to 12 years. It is said that it is because of the revolutionary environment in the new era. Children at the age of 12 can be held accountable for their actions, providing a legal basis for the eradication of those people. For children under the age of 12, both parents are executed. As a result, they were sent to special "orphanages" to receive state education, and used the education from the people to change their dirty and degenerate inheritance. Thinking of his children, Vatsedis knew that he had to persevere, and that only by completely defeating the white bandit army in Kazan could his future and the safety of his family be guaranteed. He could also get all the power that he could not get in the Imperial Russian Army in the past. As a senior commander of the Red Army or a senior official of the Soviet government, he had privileges that even the Czar would envy. As soon as he came out of the bunker, Kodavsky saw Vatsetis standing in the courtyard meditating. The two men used to be old acquaintances in the Imperial Russian Army, classmates in the military Academy, and former colleagues in the army. These experiences made the relationship between the two men far closer than that of ordinary people. Kodavsky was also one of Vacetis' few confidants. Joakimovich, the dictator of China, will leave Kazan today. Too bad we don't have an air force. Otherwise,touch screen digital signage, we can bomb Comrade Trotsky's special train just like they sent planes to bomb his special train! Kodavsky's face was full of pity as he spoke. The supreme commander of the Chinese people was on the front line of Kazan, but the Red Army did not have any weapons to fight back. The range of long-range artillery was not enough, and only aircraft had already turned into a fire in the air under the machine guns of the Chinese Air Force months ago. hsdtouch.com