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Xu Jingmei smiled, "not yet, she only knows how to study, these things ah do not take it to heart." "I said, third sister-in-law, don't be too rigid in controlling your children. This is no age. It's not the feudal society before. Besides, you were sensible when you were young in the fog, but you're still so strict. These years of youth are a good time to enjoy love." "That is, don't worry about it for another two years. Don't worry too much about the children. It's time to fall in love." "There are a lot of people chasing her at school. This girl has a tricky eye and doesn't like her. I'm not a stubborn old man who doesn't allow her to fall in love.." Seeing the topic fall on himself, Chen Wuli hurriedly found an excuse to slip away. The courtyard was much quieter. Looking back at the villa, the living room on the first floor and the living room on the second floor were full of people. The elders and relatives played cards and mahjong, or watched the Spring Festival Gala and ate melon seeds. The children ran and played. It was a happy scene of family harmony and prosperity. Out of the hall to quietly breathe a sigh of relief, these aunts and aunts are also fierce, two years ago also thousands of exhortations, do not fall in love, affect learning.. Is she so old now? Everyone began to urge her to fall in love. Just now, I almost couldn't help saying, "Aunts, don't worry about it, I already have a boyfriend..". Well, what's her little boyfriend doing at the moment? Have you had the reunion dinner? Are you watching the Spring Festival gala or playing games? Thinking like this,stesweet stevia, I suddenly thought of something, and Chen was stunned. He won't.. Is it a person? Chen looked at the fog in the house, suddenly came up with an idea, so quietly went upstairs to change clothes, and then while people are not paying attention, stay out of the house. When the car stopped in front of the gate of Jiang's villa, her heart had not yet calmed down. It was the first time in her life that she had not watched the New Year's Eve with her family. She slipped out recklessly. When she rang the doorbell, she was still wondering if it would be too abrupt to come to him suddenly? I didn't send a message just now. What if Jiang Yi and Shen Qiying were at home? Before the thoughts in my head were clear,saw palmetto extract, the communicator at the gate was already on. Jiang Misen drank a little wine in the evening and then fell asleep. This special day for everyone was the same as usual for him. The nanny finished cooking dinner and went home for the reunion. The house was empty, and he was alone. He was awakened by the doorbell, rubbed his bleary eyes, got up from the sofa and went to open the door. There was no light in the room, and it was dark, except for the tiny shadows that came through the windows, but he had long been accustomed to the cold darkness, and even if he did not turn on the light, he could walk unimpeded towards the door. Press the communicator, I really don't know who will come to me at this time. Until the beautiful image appeared on the screen, with a soft and sweet smile, like a beam of light in his dark world. Jiang Misen himself did not notice, his fingers trembled slightly, pressed the lock of the gate outside the yard, and then the next second, lutein eye complex ,naringenin price, opened the door of the living room and rushed out, the cold wind outside the house, but he rushed away like the sun. As soon as Chen Wu-li walked into the yard, the teenager ran out of the house, relying on his long legs, a few steps in front of her, dressed very thin, the room behind him was dark and cold, without a trace of fireworks. His eyes were shining, but he asked her cautiously, "Why did you come here?"? Don't you watch the New Year at home? It looks a little pitiful, and it is so clever that it makes people feel distressed. Chen Wu-li took the initiative to embrace his waist, raised his head slightly, put his chin on his chest, looked up at him, bent his eyes and smiled. He was afraid that our little friend would be at home alone, so he came to spend the New Year with him. The author has something to say: [Reader]: I understand, this author is really bad! What a filth! In reality, it is specialized in flirting with junior students! [First floor]: Ha ha ha ha, I guess so! QAQ??? What are you talking about?! Why are you so smart?! Do you think I don't want to save face? (Falling table.jpg) , tease 46 times The tone is soft, with a bit of spoiling that I don't even realize.
Jiang Misen was stupefied for a moment, and then suddenly reached out and hugged her tightly, with a strong attitude of occupation, wishing he could rub people into the bone and blood. There was a surge of warmth in her heart, as if all her blood had been ignited by her and began to boil. He was not afraid of being burned, and even if he died, he would hold the light tightly, and no one could take it away. Smelling the delicate fragrance of her hair, she pressed her thin lips against her ear and said in a low voice, "I miss you." Chen Wuli was strangled a little breathless, can feel his happiness, also did not spoil the scene to say that sentence: "The man's mouth, deceiving ghost.". I haven't seen you for a few days. Why are you wearing so thin? Isn't it cold? He was wearing a thin sweater, so that when he hugged his waist, he could clearly feel the strong muscles, but after all, it was too thin to wear on a winter night. Go in first, don't stand here blowing. The main thing is that I feel like I'm going to die if I hold it any longer. There is heating in the room and it is not cold. Jiang Misen loosened his strength a little and led the man back to the house. It was dark, and the outline of the furniture could be seen faintly by the broken light coming through the window. She was about to turn on the light when she heard the sound of the door being closed, and with a force on her waist, she was thrown into his arms. Chen Wuli subconsciously wants to struggle. In the darkness, I could not see his expression, but I could hear the deep attachment and dependence in his voice. "Let me hold him for a while." So she quieted down and was held by him, sighing softly in the mist as the force became tighter and tighter, and then gently hugged him back. A person, very lonely. Pressing his face to his chest and listening to the strong heartbeat, the teenager's love for her has always been fervent,lycopene for skin, straightforward and blatant. She chuckled. "Is that what you think of me?" "Well, yes." He nodded and never hid his love and yearning for her. I still want to kiss you, okay? Chen Wu-li: ".." How do you answer that? Why didn't you be so polite when you kissed before? Can you ask first. prius-biotech.com