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Quietly moved to the edge of a handful of drunken bandits, in this group of drunken bandits blocked, no one saw the figure of Yi Chi, and the only see Yi Chi, just these drunks, they now simply do not know who is who, see Yi Chi just giggled at him a few times, some even want to drink with Yi Chi. The corner of the mouth slightly twitched a few times, Yi Chi was too lazy to pay attention to these drunkards, directly killed a bandit, the dagger mercilessly stabbed into his heart, pressed hard, so that the blood "liquid" did not spray out, Yi Chi slowly pulled out the dagger. The bandit fell down slowly, as if he had been drunk outside, and then he fell down. With a few sneers, Yi Chi once again killed the rest of the bandits one by one as he had just done, and his body was already hidden in the pile of corpses. Lying tightly on the ground, the other bandits did not pay too much attention to Yi Chi, here is not no bandits with bare arms, Yi Chi is not conspicuous like this. Then, while they were not paying attention, Yi Chi quietly moved back into the darkness. Thirteen! Looking at the fallen thirteen figures, Yi Chi thought silently in his heart. There are about five hundred bandits in this whole bandit nest,plastic wheelie bins, and Yi Chi has just solved more than thirty inside, and more than twenty on the fence, and now there are thirteen here, a total of nearly seventy bandits have been solved, but there are still many bandits left, Yi Chi's task is still very arduous! After a look, Yi Chi stared at a group of drunken bandits, according to the appearance just now, Yi Chi once again easily solved the group of bandits,plastic pallet supplier, and then again hid his figure in the dark. In this way, Yi Chi has solved more than a dozen problems. O bandits, a total of more than one hundred and seventy, this time, the bandits should have noticed this, but the rest of the other bandits have been drinking almost, although not to the killer came to the front can not recognize, but they also did not think much about why their companions began to slowly fall. As time went by, there should have been bandits on duty to remind them to disband, but those on duty were killed by Yi Chi, and both of their bosses were first solved by Yi Chi, so naturally no one would remind them. As a result, this group of bandits are very happy to drink, in a short while, Yi Chi took the opportunity to solve about a hundred bandits, to now, drum spill containment ,euro plastic pallet, the whole yard has been floating with a strong smell of blood, but these bandits who drank too much did not notice, still frantically pushing each other for a cup, as if to drink the end of the world. See this, Yi Chi just chuckled a few times, and then began to kill a wide range of up, at this time these bandits have completely no idea where they are, Yi Chi one by one to kill them all know nothing. In less than a quarter of an hour, after Yi Chi put down the body of the last bandit, there were no other living people in the whole yard. It's finally done! Stretching, Yi Chi pushed open the door with a light smile and walked into the bandit's nest. Now it was time to pick up the woman. Quickly walked to the fourth floor, Yi Chi directly pushed open the door of the bandit leader, looked at the room, Yi Chi came forward and opened the secret door directly. As soon as the secret door opened, an arm-thick stick hit Yi Chi head-on. Fortunately, Yi Chi hid quickly, so he was not hit by a stick. Looking at the woman who was looking at him in surprise, Yi Chi asked suspiciously, "Why did you hit me?" When the woman heard this, she threw away the stick and threw herself into Yi Chi's arms in tears. I was so scared! I waited for you for a long time and you didn't come back. I was afraid that something would happen to you. I was afraid that they would find me again! Tears could not stop coming out of his eyes, and all of them dripped on Yi Chi's shoulder. Shaking his head helplessly, Yi Chi patted her on the back and comforted her by saying, "It's all right. Everything is over. You're safe!" After crying for a long time, the woman straightened up and looked at Yi Chi with a little embarrassment, especially the moisture on Yi Chi's shoulder, which made her feel embarrassed. Sorry He lowered his head and said.
Seeing the other side like this, Yi Chi smiled and waved his hand, then opened his mouth and said: "Let's go!"! It's time to go back, and your fiance will be in a hurry! After a little joke, Yi Chi took the woman downstairs. On the way, the woman kept staring at Yi Chi. Suddenly she opened her mouth and said, "My name is Xin Yu. What's your name?" Yi Chi, who was walking in front, was stunned when he heard this. Then he opened his mouth and said, "My name is Yi Chi." "Oh!" He lowered his head and peeked at Yi Chi. Seeing that he had nothing else to say, Xin Yu couldn't help saying again, "Do you live in Rhine Town?" Nodded gently, "sort of!"! Now I live in the Rhine Front. "Oh!" Biting his mouth, Xinyu secretly looked at the back of Yi Chi, a look that he wanted to say but dared not say. At this time, Yi Chi also pushed open the door to the outside, suddenly a strong smell of blood came, so that just out of the door Xinyu immediately frowned and covered his nose. At this time, Xinyu also saw a scene like Shura purgatory in the yard, and immediately screamed and hid behind Yi Chi. His whole body was trembling and his eyes were closed. Feeling the trembling body behind him, Yi Chi shook his head helplessly, "I'm pulling you, and you can open your eyes when you leave here." Said Yi Chi then took Xin Yu's hand and went out of the gate. After crossing the pile of corpses and leaving the bandit's nest for some distance, Yi Chi let go of Xinyu's hand. "Well, you can open your eyes. We've gone far.". Hearing this, Xin Yu opened his eyes and saw that there was no terror behind the scenes before, and immediately covered his mouth with one hand and relieved. Dou Shen Relics Chapter 644 One wave is not flat, another wave is rising. With Xinyu,plastic bulk containers, the two men traveled through the night and arrived at Rhine Town before dawn the next day. The main reason is that Xinyu's physical strength is not good, and he has to take a rest by the roadside, which slows down the speed of the two people. cnplasticpallet.com