Richard-A-Huebner“Congratulations on an excellent 2014 Gala! The entire evening was very professional, enjoyable and quite stimulating. The award recipients were all deserving of recognition and reflect how far the Indo-American community and has come in the past fifteen years. IACCGH itself has grown from a small, almost invisible community in Houston to one of prominence, respect and influence. We salute IACCGH on its 15 years of success and wish you continued success in your every effort.”
Richard A. Huebner, President of Houston Minority Supplier Development Council.

“This past weekend, I had the honor of speaking to the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston and discussing why the case for closer U.S. relations with India is overwhelming. Both of our countries are multi-ethnic democracies that share a native language, common values and a similar political heritage. India has a remarkably young population and a rising middle class, and the growth of its consumer market will create massive new opportunities for U.S. exporters in the decades ahead.”
Senator John Cornyn, Senior US Senator for Texas and Keynote Speaker at the Gala.

“I am proud to support the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston its goals and the business community it serves.”
Senator John Cornyn, Senior US Senator for Texas and Keynote Speaker at the Gala.

“Through the networking opportunities ….the Chamber enables small business owners and youth achieve higher goals.”
Nick Lampson, Member of Congress

“Since 1999 the IACCGH has been a powerful advocate and important resource for businesses looking to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities presented through international trade.”
Phil Wilson, Texas Secretary of State

“I remain confident that it(the Chamber) will continue to make significant contributions to the rapid development of Indo-US Trade and economic co-operation.”
His Excellency Ronen Sen, Ambassador of India,Wash

“IACCGH’s leadership role in building synergy among members of the Alliance of Indo-American Chambers deserves to be complimented.”
Honorable S.M. Gavai, Consul General of India, Hou

“I am honored to serve as an advisor to this exceptional organization that does so much to promote a rich, diverse and prosperous Houston economy.”
Robert E Beauchamp, President & CEO, BMC Software

“The Chamber has done a commendable job by spearheading the formation of the Energy Advisory Group, thus building a bridge to befit Energy Companies in Houston as well as helping India develop new sources and use new technologies. ”
Vijay Goradia, Chairman, Vinmar International

“I am extremely proud to be affiliated with so fine a group of hardworking individuals and look forward to another exciting and productive year.”
George A Hrdlicka, Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White, W

“We are grateful for efforts of the chamber in helping us launch our first nonstop flight between our New York area hub and Delhi in Nov of 2005”
Larry Kellner, Chairman & CEO, Continental Airline

“The mission of the IACCGH is to make sure the commercial ties between India and the United States are cultivated and grown and to unite our cultures by bringing resources, education and an awareness of India to our community.”
John Mendelsohn, M.D, President

“The IACCGH is one of the finest examples I know of an organization that truly cares for the community as a whole and focuses on finding solutions…”
Peter G Traber, MD, Baylor College of Medicine

“We are proud and honored to be a part of the event (Outreach workshop).. Thank you for the difference you make.”
Richard A Huebner, President, Houston Minority Bus

“It (outreach workshop) was a great success and we had about 10 potential clients that we can help with our SBA loan program.”
Manuel R Gonzales, Director, US Small Business Adm

“I would like to express my thanks to you and your assistance at the start of our benchmarking exercise in India”
Anthony V Milando, VP Sourcing & Six Sigma

“I was very impressed with the seminar ( Nov. 2004 IT BPO Seminar) organized by the IACCGH. The number of people attending and the spread of buyers and sellers certainly make this seminar one of the best I have attended.”
Satish Pai, Vice President Schlumberger Oil Field

“it gave us opportunity to understand the buyers needs instead of selling our services. The buyers helped us understand how to work with them to get business…companies like Shell, Chevron, HEB, Port of Houston, United Space Alliance.( Gala 2004)”
Advent Global solutions represented IACCGH