Networking Reception| January 8, 2014

Jan 8 reception

The President and Members of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston congratulated IACCGH Chamber Founding President Dr. Durga Agrawal on his being appointed to the Board of Regents, University of Houston System on January 8th, 2014 at the HESS Club.

Over 100 guest attended the event to celebrate Dr. Agrawal’s accomplishment. To which Dr.Agrawal thanked everyone for their support and discussed his dedication to his new position.

In addition to Dr.Durga Agrawals accomplishment, new President Sanjay Ramabhadran gave a brief speech about his position as the 2014 President of IACCGH and his plans to reinvent the future events for all IACCGH supporters and members. He along with Jagdip Ahluwalia, Executive Director of IACCGH, introduced the new Board of Directors for the 2014 year.

 Sanjay also thanked his predecessor Pankaj Dhume for a job well done in the IACCGH 2013 year. To which Pankaj gave a speech discussing that his efforts and work could not have been done without the support of his friend and wife, Asha Dhume, as well as the rest of the IACCGH Board.

 Unlike other networking events, this recent event was a joyous celebration and represented the beginning of a strong year for the Chamber. The first IACCGH event of the 2014 year proved to be a success