IACCGH Business Hour Open Forum

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Article by: Somdatta Basu

Chamber Past President Subroto Mukerji Explores the Intersection of Technology and Legal Outsourcing at IACCGH Business Hour

Houston, TX: In a session on the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston’s (IACCGH) Business Hour, past President of the Chamber and Chief Executive Officer of Integreon, Subroto Mukerji, shared the nuances of technological shift and legal process outsourcing. Held on the Open Forum, Mukerji’s insights were received with eager anticipation, underscoring the importance of the digital transition in various industries.

Jagdip Ahluwalia, Executive Director of IACCGH, introduced Mukerji as an expert who has traversed the landscape of technology, marking over 35 years of dedication to the field. Highlighting his shift from technology-centric roles to the helm of a global outsourcing company that empowers corporations and law firms, Mukerji’s journey is both intriguing and instructive.

In an immersive conversation with radio host Dr. Subodh Bhuchar, Mukerji delved deep into the world of legal process outsourcing, clarifying the often-misunderstood realm. “The U.S. sees legal work outsourcing worth about eight billion dollars annually. While law firms primarily offer legal advice, entities like ours help synthesize vast amounts of information, ensuring data confidentiality,” Mukerji emphasized, demystifying the industry’s intricacies. But it wasn’t just about legal facets. The conversation meandered into areas where Mukerji’s company extends its services. “Beyond the legal arena, we’ve pioneered in building presentations for prominent investment banks and consultancies. It’s astonishing, but millions of these presentations are outsourced,” he revealed, shedding light on an industry most remain unaware of.

On the importance of integrating technology into legal processes, Mukerji, a staunch advocate for tech-enabled solutions, opined, “The legal sector’s reluctance towards technology has been evident, but the tide is turning. My primary goal is to infuse technology into the legal industry, streamlining processes to ensure justice is dispensed efficiently.” Mukerji also touched upon the business dimensions of his enterprise, emphasizing their global reach. “With 3,800 employees globally, we’re poised to tap into a vast talent pool, optimizing cost and efficiency,” he stated, mapping out the company’s expansive scope. Highlighting his association with IACCGH, Mukerji underscored the importance of community connections and collaborations. “Engaging with platforms like IACCGH enables us to share insights, learn, and build meaningful collaborations,” he remarked.

As the dialogue concluded, listeners were left with a deeper understanding of the intricate collaboration between technology and law, buoyed by Mukerji’s expert insights and vast experience.