IACCGH Business Hour Open Forum

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Article by: Somdatta Basu


Somesh Singh: From Tech Executive to Philanthropic Role

On September 23, 2023, on the IACCGH Business Hour on the popular radio program “Open Forum” IACCGH Past President Somesh Singh, the former Chief Product Officer, E&P Software at Emerson Electric, enlightened listeners with highlights from his four-decade-long career. He emphasized the importance of networking, philanthropy, and community service. Having served global giants such as IBM, BMC Software, and Emerson Electric, Singh’s professional career spans multiple management and C-level executive positions. This illustrious journey, however, began in the ancient city of Varanasi, India, where he was born. Reflecting on his roots, Singh remarked, “My father was a freedom fighter. After the country became independent, he went back to college, finished his studies, and started a family. Later he decided to move his family from Varanasi to Mumbai where he felt educational opportunities were best for his children.” Behind taking up philanthropic causes, Singh remarked, “True happiness emanates when there’s joy around you. there’s unparalleled joy in bettering someone else’s life.” This sentiment underpins Singh’s commitment to philanthropy, as seen through his work with Pratham, a non-profit dedicated to uplifting children’s education in India. A staunch advocate for networking, Singh pointed out its transformational role. “Networking not only introduces you to others but broadens your own perspectives. It’s a mutual journey of growth,” he observed, emphasizing the collaborative benefits of such interactions.

Diving into the essence of the IACCGH, Singh highlighted its evolution, pinpointing a transformative moment when the Chamber transitioned from a founder-driven enterprise to an institutional entity. Discussing the role of the IACCGH in strengthening ties between Indian and American businesses, Singh emphasized, “The relationship with consulates and the local Consul General and, in general, other diplomats is very critical to the success of our chamber.”  Singh also applauded the Chamber’s crucial role during the pandemic, especially its instrumental role in spreading awareness in the community of the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) and how to avail of it. Beyond professional accomplishments, Singh’s retirement has seen him embrace his passions. From recounting a cherished climb up Kilimanjaro, Singh has been undertaking other adventure hikes and climbs.  In addition, the former executive enjoys cooking and reading non-business books that he did not have time to read when he was still working. He says retirement has given him the opportunity to live an enriched life. “Having diverse interests is essential for a fulfilling life,” he opined, emphasizing life’s balance.

During the conversation, speaking on corporate ethics, Singh stressed the importance of integrity and reliability, considering them pillars of lasting success.


Jagdip Ahluwalia, commenting on Singh’s contribution, stated, “Somesh’s dedication not only to his professional journey but also to the community, particularly through IACCGH, has been nothing short of exemplary.” As the session wrapped up, listeners were left inspired by Singh’s unique blend of professional prowess and heartfelt commitment to community upliftment.