Webinar: Impact of the Indian Budget 2014 on American Investment & Trade with / in India


The National Democratic Alliance led by Narendra Modi has been elected to power in India backed by a mandate for growth and to make the economy work. This result has roused expectations of an investor friendly Government and one that will get the investment cycle and confidence back on track. The ongoing opening up of more sectors to Foreign Direct Investment, tax reform and steps taken to ease doing business in India are likely to provide much opportunity in India. Against this backdrop, the presentation of the Union Budget in Parliament on 10 July by the Indian Finance Minister is being keenly followed across the world, and there are huge expectations.

The promise of a non-adversarial tax regime, overhaul of the dispute resolution
mechanism and what the new Government’s stance on issues such as retroactive legislation, nuances of taxability of indirect transfers and the general anti-avoidance rule is of great interest for the multi-national enterprise and expatriate community in the US and elsewhere.
IACCGH thanks Mr. Mithun D’Souza of Ernst & Young LLP and Sanjay Grover and Heetesh Veera for making the webinar possible.

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