July 26th IACCGH Dialogue with Congressman Pete Olson

IACCGH recognizes that business thrives when policies at the local, state, federal and international level are business friendly. The Chamber strives to provide access to those that influence and are responsible for policies that impact business.

Congressman Pete Olson recently met with the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston (IACCGH) for a luncheon on Friday, July 26th in Sugar Land. President Pankaj Dhume welcomed the Congressman who met each of the attendees to understand their concerns and see how he could address them. IACCGH had invited the leaders of business groups TiE and IIT Alumni association to join them at the meeting.

Congressman Olson briefed the group on his work in Washington, specifically what he is engaged in on the Energy and Commerce Committee. With the recent boom in hydrologic fracking and directional drilling, America is now in a position to harvest natural resources that were once thought impossible to extract, Congressman Olson is fighting to ensure that Washington establishes pro-energy policies that allows the private sector to create good, high paying jobs in the energy sector and put the United States on a path to energy independence. Congressman Olson is also working hard to ensure that the United States is able to export LNG to India. With the U.S.’s abundant and cheap supply of natural gas, it makes perfect sense to increase trade with India – an established ally – especially as India continues to grow and needs cheap reliable energy sources like LNG. Congressman Olson is also working on a trip to India in the latter portion on 2013.