IACCGH Annual Reception

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By Somdatta Basu

Leadership and Unity in Focus at the IACCGH Annual Reception

Houston, TX, Feb.13: In an evening steeped in warmth and camaraderie, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston (IACCGH) convened its Annual Reception, with Houston Mayor John Whitmire and Indian Consul General D.C. Manjunath as the chief guests. This event not only marked the inception of the 25th-anniversary celebrations of IACCGH but also underscored the Chamber’s pivotal role in fostering economic, diplomatic, and educational exchanges, reaffirming its status as a catalyst for progress and collaboration. Rajiv Bhavsar, President of IACCGH, set the evening’s tone, extending a heartfelt welcome to Mayor Whitmire and Consul General Manjunath. Bhavsar highlighted the significance of their presence and the shared commitment to advancing the interests of Houston while bolstering international ties. Sanjay Ramabhadran, chairman of Houston METRO and former president of IACCGH, praised Mayor Whitmire’s outstanding leadership, emphasizing his pivotal role in shaping Houston’s trajectory. He emphasized the mayor’s dedication to promoting diversity and driving economic prosperity, laying the groundwork for a promising future.

Whitmire, a seasoned leader with a wealth of legislative experience, expressed his unwavering dedication to public service. He outlined his vision for the city, emphasizing the importance of unity and progress. The Mayor of Houston shared anecdotes from his tenure, underscoring the city’s remarkable evolution and the invaluable contributions of its diverse communities “I wish you could go back in history and walk in my shoes as a young state representative. The legislature was a different place then, but through collaboration and inclusivity, we’ve built a magnificent city,” Mayor Whitmire remarked, emphasizing the pivotal role of diversity and unity in shaping Houston’s trajectory.

Jagdip Ahluwalia, executive director of IACCGH, introduced D.C. Manjunath, lauding his exemplary service and steadfast commitment to strengthening bilateral relations. “Consul General Manjunath has been instrumental in building ties between India and the United States, driving economic growth, and collaboration,” Ahluwalia affirmed.

The Consul General echoed Mayor Whitmire’s sentiments, underscoring the significance of collaboration in driving progress. He commended the chamber’s efforts in bolstering ties between nations and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. “Our collaboration is a celebration of the richness that diversity brings to this great city. Together, we can continue to build bridges of understanding and contribute to the relationship between India and Houston,” Manjunath added.

The IACCGH Annual Reception was a testament to diversity and leadership, showcasing the deep impact of collaboration and shared vision. With Mayor Whitmire and Consul General Manjunath inspiring attendees with their impassioned addresses, the event served as a powerful reminder of the importance of nurturing cooperation and understanding. As Houston continues to evolve and embrace its diverse heritage, the Chamber remains steadfast in its commitment to driving positive change and strengthening the bonds between India and the United States.