Women's Leadership Series: Mentoring Circle led by Francene Young, Vice President Shell US

The IACCGH “Women in Leadership” events sponsored by Shell combine the effective tools of mentoring, dialogue and group support and communications. The use of these tools at the events are part of the Chamber’s initiative offering emerging women leaders a platform to share, learn and celebrate their success..

On June 28 IACCGH hosted a women in leadership series “Mentoring Circle” led by Francene Young, Vice President Shell US at the HESS Club.

IACCGH President Elect Sanjay Ramabhadran welcomed the guests on behalf of the Chamber and program Chair and IACCGH Secretary Joya Shukla talked about the chamber and the program and invited Past President Madhukar Prasad to facilitate the dialogue with Ms Young. The Chamber presented Francene Young a memento in appreciation of her years of support of the Chamber and her personal involvement in mentoring and the ‘women in leadership’ series.

Lunch was followed by the women in the group moving into the mentoring circle and Francene Young led the dialogue with her personal leadership journey and teachable points. This was followed by a strategic dialogue about leadership opportunities & challenges in which all the attendees particpated. Finally there will be breakout sessions to reflect and capture leanings.

Some comments from our participants:

“Women in Leadership” is a great networking event. A learning from other women’s experiences who are in business world and are dealing with lot issues and yet they come out the best practical solutions. It’s amazing.- Poonam Tulsian

Enjoyed joining the “women in Leadership” session with Francene Young and other women business leaders, it was a wonderful experience and a great networking opportunity. – Srimath Kumar

I expect this event to be the “Jewel” opportunity. The crown of women in leadership series.- Pushpatha Shenoy

Able to network and listen to the great women leader Francene Young. – Sudini Padmasin

Thank you IACCGH for starting this discussion series on empowered women. An event which was informative and provided a great networking opportunity for women in the business. – Kanchan Kabad

An excellent forum to network with likeminded women. – Rakshita Jagtap

A learning and an interactive session with women outside Shell with whom we do not get chance to interact with. – Patty Wolfe

Attending this great event gives a great learning and confidence to know other women and marvel the way they deal with the issues at the work place. – Vini Gupta

Expected to hear how women gets into leadership role but to my surprise I learnt so much more than that. It was superb. – Shiela Dubey

I am really beginning to enjoy these sessions a lot. Each time I have learnt something special and important. Do intend to miss any such event on this panel. – Rathna Kumar

The next IACCGH women’s event “IACCGH Women Mean Business” – with Keynote by Dr. Marie Goradia & showcasing IACCGH member Juuhi Ahuja of Wise Men Consulting will be held on Thu July 25th 2013 at Abrahams Rugs on Woodway. For information on IACCGH membership or to attend the event visit www.iaccgh.com or contact info@iaccgh.com.