Houston international Festival Business Session and lunch

The Indo American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston was established in 1999. The IACCGH was ahead of the curve when we realized that the time had come for India to play
a major role in the Global marketplace.

We have been proved right and we are now in a time when US-India trade relations are at a new high.
Indo-US trade has doubled since 1998
In three years, between 2001 and 2004 has gone up by 53%,
The total bilateral trade between India and USA crossed US $21 billion
in 2004 -crossing the US$ 20 billion mark for the first time.
The US now accounts for 28 per cent of India’s trade and India is one
of the biggest destinations for US products.
U.S. exports to India in 2004 crossed US $6 billion
(Indian exports to the US are 15.5 billion dollars).
US exports to India have grown more than $ 1 billion in a single year
growing at more than 22 per cent in 2004, whereas the world-wide US
exports of merchandise in the same period grew almost at just a little
over 12 per cent.

On Friday April 22nd IACCGH co-hosted a Business Session focusing on
India in partnership with the Greater Houston Partnership and the
Consulate General of India

The session helped focus on various aspects of “Indo US” bi-lateral trade:

a) India’s knowledge Industry is a major resource and has been the
focus of interest in India and I am sure we will continue to explore
how we can continue to leverage this advantage.

b) The world is looking at India for its sourcing needs.
A major Multinational IACCGH  helped do a due diligence with India
after their visit to India advised us after the visit that:
1.      Face-to-face communication in India is much easier than China.
2.      India has a similar price base to China and the range of suppliers
in India is broader (bottom end same / top end higher)
3.      India is the perfect “insurance policy” for sourcing if we need an
alternative to China.

c)India’s emerging middle class represents an under tapped market that
US businesses need to focus on-India is a major market for US goods
and services.

d)An area of immediate interest for US companies could be the
opportunities offered by the new thrust to improve India’s

Keith Miceli welcomed the attendees.Keith recently took over as the
Greater Houston Partnership’s senior vice president, World Trade
Division, and is executive director of the Houston World Trade Center.
The Partnership is Houston’s leading business organization. Through
its Economic Development, Government Relations, Regional Issues,
Regional Planning and World Trade divisions, the Partnership develops
and implements integrated programs to enhance the business climate,
business activity, job creation, economic development and quality of
life throughout the Houston region.
The Panel was introduced by Neeraj Nityanand, Senior VP, Satyam.
IACCGH President Dr Randhir Sinha proposed the vote of thanks.

Details of the speeches are available at

If you would like more information on how to leverage the India
advantage feel free to call me at 832 746 8372 or by email at

U.S. Investors Bullish on India

Ron Somers, President US India Business Council

Friday April 22nd 2005

The Houston International Festival showcasing India officially opened with a business seminar co-sponsored by the Consul General of India, the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) and the Indo American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston(IACCGH).

Mr. Keith Miceli, Senior Vice President, World Trade Division and Executive Director, Houston World Trade Center

GHP welcomed the speakers and attendees.

Ron Somers, President, U.S. India Business Council moderated the session which focused on India‘s Emerging Role in the New Global Economy.

Panelists included Philip Ritter, Sr. Vice President, Texas Instruments; Bharat Wakhlu, President, Tata Inc.; and Kiran Pasricha, Confederation of Indian Industry.

The speakers presented fact after impressive fact building the case for America doing business with India.

Somers explained that India has a coherent democracy; pluralist; secular and has 1/5th world’s population and 2nd largest military in the world. India shares common values with the USA: Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Human Trafficking, Anti-Narcotics and our two countries are ideological partner re: Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China.  We  have a Common Law Judicial System. India has the 2nd largest number of doctors, engineers and PhDs in the world and sends 100,000 Students to U.S. each Year. The USA has 1.8 mil Americans of Indian Origin who are politically significant; politically integrated Another  important fact that makes India important is the fact that 54% of Indian Population is under the Age of 25

 From all indications and from the data presented by the speakers, India remains an attractive investment destination, for entrepreneurs who are willing to seek attractive returns over the long term.” said  Wakhlu. He said that ” The concept of globalization is not altogether new. Traders from around the globe were constantly on the look out for new routes over land and sea that would give them access to resources and commodities that were in demand. The drivers for globalization then as now, have been: Discovery, Returns and Communications”

Pasricha said as a strong progressive emerging market, India is changing rapidly. The speed of change is simply amazing and is being driven by homegrown entrepreneurs and political consensus. It has to be witnessed first-hand to be appreciated fully. So, please come and see India for yourself. Opportunities are plenty and it is up to you to join the train that is on the path of progress for all those on it.

She further explained that If India has to sustain the current levels of growth in future it is very important to improve its current state of infrastructure. While this is a major issue today and could be an impediment to future growth, this sector offers a tremendous opportunity for investments.

On the conference Pasricha said I was amazed to see the excellent participation and deliberations at the business panel and at the Mayor’s Gala. It clearly shows the interest India generates among the American business community.

Speaking on the seminar Philip Ritter Senior VP, Texas instruments The Houston International Festival Business Session was an extremely worthwhile venue for global corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to dialog on experiences and prospects of doing business in India. Business leaders that fail to understand the opportunities for commerce and cultural exchange with India and its people are missing one of the greatest opportunities of the 21st century.  

The business session was followed by lunch Gururaj Deshpande, Founder and Chairman of Sycamore Networks Inc. was the luncheon keynote speaker.

To hear the complete proceedings visit

Panel:         http://webcast.houston.org/2005/0422-Conference/
Luncheon:   http://webcast.houston.org/2005/0422-Luncheon/

The group Photo shows
(standing R to L) Neeraj, Keith, IACCGH President Dr Randhir Sinha, HiF Chair Bob Sakowitch, IACCGH Executive Director Jagdip  Ahluwalia and Pat Foley of the GHP.
(seated R to L) Bharat Wakhlu, President Tata Inc, Desh Deshpande, Kiran Pasricha, Director CII, Ron Summers, President US India Business Council, Phil Ritters, Senior VP, Texas Instruments.

GHP Keith Miceli hands momentos to Phillip Ritter from TI and Bharat Waklu of Tata Inc.

Dr Sinha presents IACCGH momentos to CII Kran Pasricha and USIBC President Ron Sommers

                                           Jagdip starts the Business session


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