Meeting with Mr. David Schein

An evening with David Schein

The members of the Chamber who attended the Monthly meeting at the Westin Galleria on Wednesday the 20th of March, 2002, spent a delightful evening listening to a talk by Mr.David Schein, a consultant who specializes in management issues. The evening started with Mr.Ashoke Nath, the President of the Chamber, welcoming a new member, Mr.Indranil Chowdhury, who is a Patent Lawyer. Also present were Mrs.Paula Alam, Vice President Washington Mutual Bank and her husband Sohail Alam.

Board Member Dr.Krishna Rao thanked the members for coming and introduced Mr.Schein. Dr.Rao recounted his experience with his own employer, where the profits are rising but the number of employees are shrinking. But he said that the most important thing is to be able to cope with the added stress that comes from this sort of work environment and not let it affect your personal life.

Dr.Rao went on to tell us about Mr.Schein, who has over 20 years in business, including Fortune 500 Companies as well as several small Companies, enjoys the challenges which come his way. He is a Graduate of Wharton Business School, with an MBA from the University of Virginia.

Mr.Schein�s topic for the evening was “Dealing with workforce in these difficult economic times”, a subject which is very appropriate right now, even though we see the economy getting better every day, the layoffs have not reduced. This is now a way of life here- even in good times, there will be layoffs, said Mr.Schein. He then gave tips on how to deal with various situations, so that the employer is not at a disadvantage over workforce issues. He also gave several good pointers to ensure that the severance is structured such that things are made a little easier for the employee.

After a round of question and answers, the evening concluded with Board Member Mr.Subroto Mukerji thanking Mr.Schein for his insightful talk and urged attendees to continue supporting the chamber by attending the mind expanding talks arranged by the Chamber. by the Chamber.

David D. Schein

President and General Counsel of Claremont Management Group, Inc. He provides consulting on employment and business matters to many businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. His expert analysis and counsel in employment and business law matters is based on over twenty years of practical experience, including a decade with Fortune 50 companies.

During his extended career, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the world�s largest corporations and some of the country�s smallest. He enjoys the challenge of making business function at the next level. His business philosophy is founded in courses at the Wharton Graduate Business School and an earned MBA at the Colgate Darden Graduate Business School of the University of Virginia. His skills have been sharpened by extensive and varied business situations. Mr. Schein describes his management approach as: “Applied Linear Thought.” This involves doing things that make sense and avoiding complex “solutions” that many times do not work as well as common sense. Mr. Schein works nationwide with businesses in achieving a more productive workforce. Mr. Schein is also assisting health care providers, insurers and employers in compliance issues related to the privacy and security provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). His extensive experience in legislative analysis, policy development and training makes him a valuable resource.

Known as an excellent speaker in person and in the media, he has done numerous seminars and lectures from New York and Florida to California. On the lecture circuit, he is known as the “Employment Guru” due to his depth of understanding of employment issues, and his ability to explain the possible approaches and solutions. He is presently teaching graduate courses in employment law, business ethics, human resources, labor law and business law. His primary topics involve employment issues, HIPAA implementation, business law and dispute resolution matters.

His published articles include: “Independent Contractors”, July 1995, “Sexual Harassment in the Fitness Industry”, Spring 1995, “Family & Medical Leave Act”, January 1994, and “Impact of The Civil Rights Act of 1991 on Health/Fitness Facilities”, September 1992, which were published in The Exercise Standards and Malpractice Reporter;; “Facing the Drug-Test Challenge”, Sam’s Buy-Line, Spring 1989; “Should Employers Restrict Smoking in the Workplace”, Labor Law Journal, March 1987; and “How to Prepare a Company Policy on Substance Abuse Control”, Personnel Journal, July 1986. Mr. Schein has two articles in the Encyclopedia of Security Management, published by Butterworth, 1993. He is also the Editor of Employment Notes, published quarterly by Claremont Management Group, Inc.

JD – University of Houston, MBA – University of Virginia, BA – University of Pennsylvania.