Town Hall Meeting: Effect of the Westpark Toll Rd

Town hall meeting was held on August 27, 2001 at Chinese Cultural Center. One of the topics to be discussed on the Agenda was an update on the Westpark Toll Road. Council Member Gordon Quan and Council Member Mark Ellis welcomed the guests and introduced the panel.

The panel on update of Westpark Toll road included:

  • Andy Lai, Attorney-at-Law and Community Leader
  • Mike Stretch, Executive Director, Harris County Toll Road Authority
  • Terry Cheng, President and CEO of TSC Engineers
  • Project Managers: Brad White and Ron Liu

Market/ Gateway/Improvement Area Discussion was lead by C. C. Lee of STOA Architects; David Hagy and Rose Hernanadez from County Judge Eckels Office.

This report is limited to the effect of the Westpark Toll Road on the Hillcroft area Indian merchants’ businesses. The panel responsible for the Westpark Toll Road was well organized and had brought blue prints for everyone to see. Plans for the Westpark Toll Road include building an overpass at Hillcroft. The discussion on the effect of this toll road on Hillcroft area businesses was satisfactory. It was clear that there would not be any traffic jams created by the proposed toll road. On the contrary, it was concluded that the toll road would facilitate smoother access to Hillcroft area businesses as well as reduce the potential for traffic jams. The panel included a beautification plan as part of their overall plans for the Westpark Toll Road. Hillcroft area merchants can collectively come up with some funds and suggestions /ideas for beautifying the area. For example, the Chinese community came up with funds for the street signs in the Chinese language in certain areas in Houston. Interested parties who have any queries or suggestions about the proposed Westpark Toll Road should direct their queries/suggestions to any of the panel members listed above or contact Judge Eckels Office.

Executive Board members of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce-Mrs. Deepa Thakur and Mr. Vinod Shah and Member Aku Patel attended the meeting.

This report was prepared and submitted by Attorney Deepa Thakur.